neither of us, as fans, own any fucking rights to any celebrities which means that you and i, we, don’t get to tell them how to live their life so please can’t we just leave jiyong and kiko and whoever else you crazy delusional people claim to be eternally yours alone? they don’t deserve the hate and truthfully, you can never be them so stop hating. they may be celebrities with all the gold and all the fame but they are, above all that, human beings with feelings.

don’t call yourself a fan if you don’t have a heart big enough to accept that


The entire show in a nutshell

Fave of ‘Play with GD & TOP’ moments - No#31

- When they were asked to promote new phone…

Top hyung can’t deal with you Seungri

TOP finally not being a JPEG

GRi flirting:
Ri:What is Seungri to you?

[TRANS] Seungri's Call to GD (From His Naver Line Chat)
  • Seungri: I haven't even heard his voice for a long time. What if he doesn't answer?
  • SR: Hello, this is Seungri from BIGBANG.
  • GD: Be quiet. Shut up. (laughs)
  • RI: You're practicing with the band right now, right?
  • GD: It's done and I'm here to practice the choreo.
  • RI: You're really busy right now.
  • GD: Yeah, busy.
  • RI: GD is the busiest.
  • GD: Not busy as you. *laughs
  • SR: Do I have any possibilities as a producer?
  • GD: You're not good, but you work hard. But you just started so you'll get better.
  • SR: I listened to your new songs from your album!
  • GD: You did?
  • SR: Yeah. I sneaked in.
  • GD: YA! Who told you to listen to them!
  • GD: So how was it?
  • RI: It was awesome!
  • GD: I just made this album, thinking it's the last time, do what I want.
  • Seungri: I'll go to TOP hyung's house and pick him up and make sure he's not late for your concert!
  • GD: That hyung (TOP) has been staying at his house not going anywhere these days... Bring him outside.
  • RI: Last question, what's Seungri to you?
  • GD: To me, Seungri is... TORY!!!!
  • GD: You're TORY to me.
  • RI: TORY!!! Yeah!!
  • RI: wow you're cute!! so cute!!!!
  • GD: Yeah, I have schedules, concerts, I'm just doing it my best.
  • RI: BIGBANG's too..
  • GD: Yeah, BIGBANG's, worried about that.
  •  RI: Maybe I should write one song for BIGBANG's album.
  • GD: Yeah, write one.
  • Translated by: @BIGBANGGisVIP and @HuisuYoon
Seungri's Interview Describing BIGBANG member's music to food
  • GD's music: is like sushi. luxurious, has many flavors, tastes different by parts, changes itself by how long it's cooked.
  • TOP's music: is like a steak. It's important what kind of wine you have with it.
  • Daesung's music: is like hot spicy soup you have when you're suffering from hangover.
  • Taeyang's music: is like a burger. It always has its flavor as a burger, but has various tastes like chicken, beef, and shrimp.
  • Translated by @HuisuYoon